Tilman schulze was born in Freiburg in 1973, where he also lives and studied.  He works there as a communication trainer, coach and mediator. As such he is used to listening closely, adopting to different perspectives and playing with words. His special writing style is shaped by his somewhat bizarre humor, as well as by his positive and appreciative conception of man. In this way he relentlessly uncovers the small human weaknesses of his characters in the novel - but always with a loving wink.

With his debut novel "Provinzabgründe" he won the "Wislocher Krimipreis" in 2017. In the same year he published the follow-up novel "ProvinzabgrÜÜnde - die Zweite" With his third thriller he is now leaving the rural area and dedicating himself to an exciting chase through international climes. Publication date: expected in the summer of 2021.

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Marcel Nagel, born 1990 in Braunschweig, grew up in Lübeck, living in Kiel, is a newbie among the authors.

As a trained paramedic, Marcel Nagel worked in the rescue service for several years. In addition to his work he also volunteers in the medical service of ASB Kiel. He has been writing since his childhood. Poems, short stories, short novels. Now he took the next step and his first book is about to be published in the summer of 2021. 

In addition to writing, his hobbies include cooking, day trips to the North Seas and medieval exhibition sword fights at a club in Kiel. 

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Micheal Fuchs, born on 11.04.1964 in Castrop Rauxel, in the heart of the Ruhr Area, started writing poems in his teenage years. In the following years he lived in Trier. Inspired, especially by Jim Morrison, he was often dawn to Paris, home of the graet poets of our day.

Some of his works were created there, which can be read in his upcoming volume, which is expected to be released in the summer of 2021.

Michael wants to bring this art form closer to all those who like narrative poetry and those who don´t know a lot about it, to bring a little culture, inspiration and joy into the world in these times.

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The self-confessed early bird Michael Sindija was born on New Year´s Eve 1973.

He got to know the colorful facets of live as a singer, book author, radio presenter and cook. His writing style resembles a conversation with himself, which can be cheerful, melancholy and entertaining at times.

In 2020 the cat lover followed the call of love from the Lower Rhine to the Kiel Fjord. He took up the challenge of being a father and enjoys it to the fullest, despite the Corona crisis.

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Tanja Gitta Sattler lives with her husband, two kids and two cats in Bensheim-Schönberg. She likes to travel and is a culturally interested person who likes to experiment, so she's always on the move in many directions. Enthusiastic bookworm, social pedagogue, singer & flamenco dancer and since 2020 also a book author. She is an active member of the IBA (Interest group of authors in Bergstraße). As a student, she worked for a newspaper publisher where she wrote articles and later she also worked as a songwriter where she organized and hosted many stage shows. 

Her current book "Der Peinlich-Run" is about a humorous research about what is embarrassing for who, when and why, and what it might even be good for. In addition 20 funny experiences of the author in the form of short stories on the subject of "embarrassment."

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Born in 1970 and raised in Gelsenkirchen, the 1.94m giant, who lives in Witten, embarked on a special journey through life.

The former officer with assignments in  former Yugoslavia and Mali first switched to South Africa as a bodyguard before he found his true calling.

For 25 years, the gallant lover of well-known cigars has been one of Germany’s few full-time call boys. His activity as a companion of solvent ladies took him all over Europe. In his first work, the passionate martial artist himself becomes the hero of his own story, as he describes his entry into this exclusive world in 1995 with large autobiographical parts, which wonderfully led to an exciting erotic thriller that will be published in the summer of 2021.

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Alfred Weinert has been interested in literature of various genres since his childhood and read several books every month. Freedom-loving authors like Karl May and the fantastic worlds of Jules Verne shaped him. Today he prefers books by Andreas Eschenbach, Dan Brown, Steven King, Michael Crichton and Frank Schätzing that depict a gloomy world. Since 1981 he lives in Marl, a city in the Ruhr area. In 2008 he joined the “Marl Literary Workshop”. The exchange between experienced and new authors that can be found there is an enrichment for all members. Between 2010 and 2015 he published various short stories with various publishers that make you laugh or think. Preferred genres today are dystopias and science fiction. At the end of 2018 he published his debut novel "Virus - Todeszone Deutschland".

He completes the story with the follow-up novel "Virus - Kampf um´s überleben", which is expected to appear in summer 2021.

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Patric Lehnen was born in Dillingen / Saar in 1962 and studied computer science in the USA and Germany. In his early teens there was no internet, let alone cell phones or computers. Therefore a passion for books developed, in particular historical novels, history books, as well as adventure and science fiction novels. His favorite author is Clive Cussler. After his great life crisis in 2012, he was looking for a meaning in life and began to deal with personal development. As a result, he came out of the life crisis even stronger and his life has since than changed completely positive.

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Ingrid.E. Weißmann lives between Orient and Occident, that means sometimes in Germany, sometimes in Turkey. Ingrid.E. Weißmann studied German, politics, French, religion and Turkish, completed her master's degree and finally did her doctorate in 2017 with the publication:

"Die Gewalt ist männlich, die Gemeinheit weiblich".

After years of working as a teacher and lecturer at the university, there is now a change from the scientific genre to that of fiction.

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Florian David, born and raised in Vienna, rediscovered his love for writing just a few years ago after being fascinated by stories as a child.

He works full time in marketing.
In his spare time he is fascinated by martial arts. Especially JiuJitsu and mixed martial arts.
His great love is music and films.
Florian David's debut novel is expected to be published in late summer 2021.

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The author was born on 1932 in Hamburg and lived in the Hammerbrook district during her childhood.
During the war she lived in a KLV camp (Kinderlandverschickung) for 6 months in Waidhaus (Bavaria).
In 1942 she was allowed to spend her school holidays in Denmark with a German host family. After the end of the war, she attended business school from 1947-1949. At the age of 30 she married a boatman and that was actually how her adventurous married life began. Since 1971 she has lived with her husband in Stade, which has become her second home.
Later, when they reached retirement age, they bought a caravan and drove it across Europe.
Inge started writing very late and now she can´t even stop writing.

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Susi Purol, born in 1967, lives with her 21-year-old son Jonathan in Berlin. Humor is her elixir of life in good and bad times (which is why she fools around a lot with her son) and this is how her first short story volume "Genießen Sie es in vollen Zügen" was created. In it, she found the funny side of many annoying everyday situations - and thus saved her health insurance company a lot of therapy costs - but also narrated normal and very funny experiences (and sometimes added a few details).

It doesn't matter if someone tries to steal her smartphone, a security officer takes her apart at passport control and she has to put herself back together; the basement is transformed into a paddling pool, which the property management puts down under N like "negligible" or Jonathan defends his room-chaos-theory with the sentence "Don't make me a cleaning frenzy, mum".

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Born in 1984, the native of Hamburg grew up on the beautiful outskirts of Neugraben-Fischbek until one day she moved to Lower Saxony with her parents and had a great youth there. At the age of 24 she followed her heart and moved back to her beloved city of Hamburg, where she still lives today with her partner, their little daughter and their Rhodesian Ridgeback Aragorn.

In her debut novel “Die Weltenbaum Chroniken” the relation to her home was a particularly important point. Even as a child, she liked to write short stories and illustrated suitable pictures. One day, thanks to her daughter, she grabs the courage and will to write her own children's book. Out of nowhere, she created a compelling and fascinating story that ultimately turned into a youth book. She feels at home in the world of fantasy, scifi or dystopias.

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Nicole J. Steiner was born in Gießen in 1988. She discovered her passion through her work as a ghostwriter and copywriter. She ended her employment at the end of 2019 and founded her own writing office "Chelifer Writing", named after the pseudoscorpion who loves to live in old books. A move to the pristine, rural area made happiness perfect for the small family. The bonus is the beautiful summer time in the garden, which invites you to write and brings wonderful stories to light.

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Andrej Sorich was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1986. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, his family moved to Germany, where they found a new home as Russian-Germans.

The trained banker has lived in Geilenkirchen, near Aachen, and works in marketing at a Volksbank since 1992.

He spends his free time with his wife, their two children and his two hobbies. Even as a child, he was fascinated by two things: books and video games. Today he is engaged in writing his own books as well as in the field of "gaming" as a successful Youtuber on the video platform of the same name. Andrej Sorich wrote his first short stories while still at school before taking his first steps in the fantasy genre. Since 2015 he has also dealt with the thriller genre, which resulted in a first publication in February 2019 in the form of his debut novel "Bratwa".

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Nicole Hein was born in 1973 in a small town in the Lüneburg Heath. After graduating from high school, she looked for a proper job and became a tax clerk. But three years of bookkeeping were enough and she decided to do what she really enjoyed: writing. This was followed by studies, an internship and a few years as a salaried editor. She came to literature by chance: the kind of book she liked to read to her children was simply too rare. So she started writing stories and books with linguistic demands. Nicole Hein now works as a freelance journalist & author, is the mother of two boys and lives in the Münsterland.

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Kerstin Kehl has been working as an author for more than twenty-five years. She saw the light of day in Hamburg in 1967. Because of love, she lived in the for several decades
Hotzenwald. In the meantime she has moved back to the west of Hamburg with her husband and cat. Her hobbies are reading on the beach, horse riding and photography. But mostly she torments her writing pad and develops new novel ideas. Your most important drink at work is coffee.
In addition to several novels for young people and non-fiction books on the subject of horses, she has published several crime novels and romance novels.

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Gina Harder was born in Paraguay in 1994. After living in Germany for 5 years and completing her apprenticeship as a pharmaceutical clerk there, she decided to move back to her home country in 2018.

Writing has always been important to her, but it wasn't until 2019 that she managed to publish her first book. After years of writing just for herself, she started sharing the stories with others as well. In addition to her full-time job and beeing a single mom, she writes on various genres in her free time. From crime novels to novels, fantasy and dystopia, she has already written everything. In her stories she always tries to give an important message and always reflects a part of herself into it. Her stories allow her to immerse herselves in another world. She tries to achieve the same with her readers.

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B.L.BELL was born in Munich in 1988, is married to a detective and has three sons. She lives with her family, two cats and an Icelandic horse in the countryside just outside Munich.
As a freelance author, she works for publishers and private individuals, especially as a ghostwriter.
Until her parental leave, B.L.BELL worked as a secretary in a well-known law firm in Munich.
The young woman loved writing from her teenage years and the profession of writer has always been her dream job. Since 2019 she has finally been able to turn her hobby into a profession. Her own private writing projects can mainly be found in the Fantasy, Young Adult and New Adult genres.

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Christien Marie von S. is originally from Baden-Württemberg. Pens and paper have been her candy since childhood, writing ws practically inherent in her. She is a real science fiction, fantasy and dragon fan and goes the Buddhist way.
Today she lives, thinks and writes as a freelance copywriter and author in her writing studio in Bonn. All kinds of text is created here for private individuals and small businesses - everything that has to do with words. Skilfully brought to the point. Even everyday bureaucracy has more to offer than just boring empty phrases.
In her parallel universe, she is a coach, mediator, psychological advisor, couple and family counselor.
As an author, she prefers to create and write life and love stories. A lot can be experienced both online and offline. From cheerful, funny, ironic to contemplative and with depth. 

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Daniel Bruegge is the pseudonym of a German author and personnel officer. The thirty-one year old lives with his wife and their three children near Bremen. After twelve years of service in the German Army, he decided to broaden his educational horizon again and has been studying business psychology ever since. As a child, the North German wrote poems and short stories; but than growing up and everyday live stood in the way of professional writing. Although Daniel is a cheerful person, he likes to dive into rather gloomy worlds to relax. According to his own statement, his preferred genres are science fiction, dark fantasy and horror. In addition to writing, he likes to spend his free time with his children in the fresh air on long walks or in the garden at home.

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Anja-Carina Taurisano, born in Witten in 1971, moved to the castle town of Altena 29 years later.
It was there that she met her second and current husband and stated that the profession was “mother”.
5 of her own children and 3 stepchildren did not allow boredom, but she always found time to read. Since childhood she has preferred fantasy with the main themes dragons, magic, the Middle Ages and Vikings, such as, for example, Eragon by Christopher Paolini and The Hammer of the North by Harry Harrison / John Holm.
Now that everyone is going their own way, except for the youngest, Anja-Carina decided in 2018, after the birth of her second grandson, to send her on an adventure, accompanied by her own dachshund lady Lizzy.

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Rawal Afzal was born in Pakistan in 1991 and also lived there before moving to Germany in year 2002. He suffers from a muscular disease due to which he has been in wheelchair right from his childhood. His condition also meant that his opportunities in terms of education and professional life were very limited, and it is due to this that primary education is all that he could acquire in his life. None of that, however, has stood in his way in exploring the writer within him. His writings are exclusively penned in English, a language which he has learnt all by himself - or most of it, at least - through the Internet and TV channels. Another uniqueness of his writings lies in the fact that they´ve been typed by him by holding a pencil in his mouth with which he hits the keys on the keyboard, as there´s very little movement in his hands and fingers. Through his writings, he aims to leave a mark of his existence and leave something at least for people to remember him with for the years to come, regardless of how many people his writings reach.

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Juliane Müller was born in Potsdam in 1984 and grew up between the city's gardens and lakes. Since she learned to read in her early childhood, she took her books to her parents' garden or to the inspiring landscape on her doorstep to read. So she plunged into the strange worlds and fantasies of the heroic stories.
She loves the combination of imagination and crystal clear logic and learned two suitable professions,as she is both a design assistant and a tax expert. She loves both professions just as much as writing, where she lets her imagination run wild.
Her previous works include poems of disappointing or hope-giving people, of flirtations or descriptions of technical marvels, which until now only exist in their imagination.
Her idea for her latest novel also arose from a recurring dream and is rooted in the inspiration of the Brandenburg landscape. Since she found the dream very interesting and exciting, this was an opportunity to put this interesting heroic dream into a novel on paper.

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Wilma Borghoff - who has nothing to do with the flintstones- was born in Cologne in 1955 and studied physics at the University of Cologne. During her studies she discovered her interest in information technology and worked in various companies until she became the IT manager of a large industrial company with an international team.
Since the end of her professional life, she has enjoyed time and leisure to write. She writes women's novels, entertaining, humorous, about strong women and family ties, about optimism, emotional topics and a little fantasy. She draws many of her ideas from her large, colorful family. Wilma Borghoff has two children and four grandchildren and lives with her Swiss husband in Bergisch Gladbach. Her hobbies are korfball, reading, playing, her part-time dog Jeanny and traveling.

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Christina Meyers was born in Lebach / Saar in 1994 and lived there until she moved to Völklingen / Saar with her fiancé in 2020. The trained tax clerk has been writing since 2010, but initially only for herself. In 2019 Christina decided to write books and completed a course on this - succesfully. She writes in the genre urban fantasy mixed with science fiction, genres that are very close to her heart.
Many smiled at her because of the writing, but Christina has never given up and she will not in the future either.
Her goals are clear and with perseverance and creative ideas, she will surely achieve them.

You can contact Christina at MeyersChristina@harderstar

Barely scratched past the wild 68ers, he saw the light of day at the foothills of the Kraichgau. As a child, in an environment in which only dialect was spoken, he had great problems getting along with the standard German language and was also diagnosed as dyslexic. It was only during his secondary school years that he discovered the world of books and devoured everything he could get his hands on. This joy in reading has never left him. After varied years, he ended up studying in Darmstadt in 1993, where he still feels at home today. For almost 20 years he has been working in the field of outpatient educational assistance for a private institution. Before going to bed, he writes down two little things that have made him happy during the day.

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Romana Kaplan (pseudonym) was born in Styria in 1991. The author has been writing short stories of all kinds for children and adults for many years. Many of her works have already been published in anthologies. As a reader and author, she is interested in many different genres, but classic fairy tales are her great passion. Some time ago she finally began to write fairy tales of her own that are reminiscent of times long past. The result is a colorful collection of fairy tales that will be published by Harderstar Verlag. In addition to writing, she is interested in animals and nature.

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Wolfram Tungsten loves variety. For this reason, he left the north, where he was born in 1973 and raised, and went to study in southern Germany, where he now works as a teacher. Despite his keen interest in language, he only wrote poems and short stories sporadically until the

Covid19 lockdown gave him the leisure to turn to a larger project. The product is a dystopian novel that expresses his view of the world. When he's not writing, he likes to travel to encounter exciting animals, both on land and under water.

You can contact Wolfram at

Manuel Fuellert-Weilmer is the pseudonym of a German author. She was born in 1986 in Dresden and now lives with her husband and two dogs in a small town in Lower Bavaria.
As a reader, she is mainly interested in thriller, horror and fantasy books. Her favorite authors include Stephen King, Andreas Gruber and Wolfgang Hohlbein. So it makes sense that her debut is a psychological thriller. This will be published by Harderstar in 2022.
However, she does not only spend her free time writing. She likes to spend her free time with her husband and the dogs in nature or fishing. In addition to her job, she is also passionate about reading and handicrafts.

You can contact Manuel at